Foods to Eat for Beautiful Hair

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No point in using a variety of hair care products, if the hair cells are already damaged. All I can do is to stimulate new cells to grow. One of them is by consuming foods that have proper nutrients to hair. Anything?

Other problems, different nutrients should be consumed. Here's a list of necessary nutrients hair, according to his needs, as quoted from Lifescript.

1. Brittle hair

Hair is almost entirely constructed by the keratin. When the amount of keratin is reduced, the automatic hair to become brittle. Proteins are the main source of keratin. Consumption of protein is sufficient to restore the strength of your hair. Source of animal protein such as eggs and fish are good choices. They are often known as the 'source of protein intact' because eating aminonya.Namun acid content of vegetable protein sources like beans can also be an option.

2. Dandruff

dandruff is a problem most frequently encountered hair. The emergence of dandruff will make the itching also brittleness to the hair. To overcome this, consuming omega-3 could be a solution. Omega 3 can make the body produce a natural moisturizer for the skin, including scalp. So that the dryness of the scalp does not appear, and dandruff was not an issue.

Omega 3 can be consumed through chicken eggs, or various types of fish such as mackarel, salmon and tuna.

3. Hair loss

Hair loss sometimes create panic. The number of hair loss that continues to grow will make the hair look thinner. Hair loss can be caused because the nutrients in the body can not until evenly through hair. It can be caused by a lack of red blood cells in the body. Lack of red blood cells will make the oxygen in charge of delivering nutrients throughout the body decreases.

To increase the production of red blood cells, consume foods rich in iron. Natural iron can be obtained from a variety of green vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, mustard greens and much more.

4. Thin hair

The diameter of thin hair that will lead to fast fracture and brittle hair. To overcome this, the hair cells must be strengthened. Vitamin C contained in vegetables and fruits can make hair thicker and stronger. Vitamin C can make hair absorb iron more leverage. With a sufficient amount of iron, the hair will also get the maximum nutrition. So that the cells become stronger and thicker.

5. Hair growth is slow

You are hard to lengthen hair because its growth is very slow? That could mean intake of vitamin B complex in your body less. Vitamin B complex consists of folate, biotin vitamins B6 and B12. Nutrients that will stimulate hair growth cells become active. Asparagus, avocado, potatoes, beef liver and wheat are some foods that contain vitamin B complex.

6. Damaged hair

Damaged hair due to excessive use of chemicals (drugs curly, hair dye, etc.) as well as excessive use of hair dryer is often experienced. To restore its beauty, we need to eat foods that contain minerals such as zinc and copper. Zinc can restore tissue damaged hair, sedangnkan copper can prevent the onset of gray hair.

7. Dry and dull hair

Dry hair will make her appearance seem dull. Restores hair's natural moisture can be done easily. Simply consume enough water every day. not only the hair that will look more beautiful, your skin will be moisture.

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